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Black Ant King male sexual pills is an up-to-date product released after the success of the clinic experiment. Black Ant King pills is a well-known herbal male tonic and possesses a safe, hard and long-lasting erections. Black Ant King helps adult men experiencing male impotence to maintain more male climax. Black Ant king pills has no dangerous negative effects and daily useage may improve overall health.

Black Ant King male sexual pills i
s the substitute for American viagra successfully developed by Hong kong  Hongwei biological research centre in Hong Kong after many years of careful study, 2009 after successful clinical trials, it was put on the market the latest United States viagra alternatives, Cialis best Challenger, could contribute to the rapid growth of the penis, augmentation, increase, and effectively addressing sex short to prevent impotence premature ejaculation, prolong sexual time, without hard has a good effect. But also flow in the human body for 180 hours, does not produce any side effects and dependency. No blushing response, heartbeat, nausea, headache, and will not have any impact on heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, have a good effect on patients with prostate, drink taking effect effect.

[Black Ant King pills Main components]: Cordyceps sinensis, saffron, ginseng, snow Lotus and snow deer penises, Tibetan yak testicles, Hippocampus.
[Black Ant King Adapt to the crowd]: impotence, premature ejaculation, nocturnal emission, weak sperm and sexual dysfunction, libido decreased penis shorter, waist and knee pain, limb weakness, dizziness and tinnitus, urinary frequency, since the virtual thief at night sweating, prostatitis, kidney deficiency caused by a variety of symptoms.
[Black Ant King Usage and dosage]: per oral, 1pill before sleep, with warm water by swallowing. for better effect take 1 pill 15-20 minute before sexual intercourse.)For daily health preservation ,take 1 pill every 3 days . 
[Black Ant King Specification]: 3800mg*10 pills/box
[Black Ant King Shelf life]: three years
Black Ant King Storage methods]: sealed, cool and dry place.
[Black Ant King Note]:
1, not impatient for success, excess to take.
2, after taking the medicine, such as erectile dysfunction or sexual intercourse multiple times does not release jiubo in, drink cold boiled water solutions.
3, 24 hour must not be reused.

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Black Ant King male sexual pills

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