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Yonggang tablets Details:
Yonggang Pills is based on oral, Yam, yellow, schisandra extract, epimedium, Ginseng is mainly made from raw materials of health food products, according to the Yin-Yang principle of complementarity, the fire and total relief, progenitor of traditional Chinese medicine of medicine food homology, using the international advanced technology and Chinese medicine extraction production process refined by. This product is able to adjust to maintain the body's physiological balance, alleviating physical fatigue, supplementary nutrition, improve their health, are special nutrition and rest mass of faint in the elderly.

[Yonggang Main Ingredients] :

Epimedium 20%, Schisandra Fruit 15%

Morinada officinalis 20%, Poria 10%

Chinese Yam 15%,Ginseng 5%

Wolfberry Fruit 5% , Polygonatum Sibiricum 10%

[Health care Function]: Fatigable persons 
[Yonggang tablets effects] :
1.Improves vigor as well as penis erection stiffness
2.Enhances energy & intimacy
3.Relieves depression
4.Regains sexual desire
5.Maintains energy for men 
1. Short and small penis, soft erection, unhealthy growth of male reproductive organ, weak kidney.
2. Shrinking of middle-aged and old man who suffer from premature ejaculation, sexual disorder. 
[Yonggang Pills Main ingredients] Chinese wolfberry, Chinese Yam, yellow, schisandra extract, epimedium, ginseng
[Specification]:  750mg*8 tablets/box. 
[Yonggang Pills Edible method and dosage] orally, 1-2 tablets each time  to be takenbefore meal 

[Yonggang Pills Unsuitable crowds] Pregnant women,infants and Juvenile
[Yonggang Pills Specification]750mg/size * 8 tablets
[[Yonggang Pills Shelf time]: 2years
[Yonggang Pills Storage] sealed, buy a cool dry place
[Note] Pregnant or breastfeeding women, or people with a serious illness, should consult their medical professional before taking YongGang. Keep out of reach of children. Please read inside leaflet carefully before taking.Yonggang can not replace drugs Specially produced for natural health products UAE

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YongGang Sex pills for Men

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